DFW | Holiday Compaign

DFW Airport called on us to put together a quick little piece for their winter campaign. While a couple of the guys put together all the props, I managed the rigging, animation, scene assembly, lighting, rendering, and composite. 


CG Nuggets

A good friend of mine has started up a tutorial site that's not to be missed. Focusing mainly on character design and sculpting, CGNuggets realeases a bi-monthly, hour-long video tutorial for all subscribers... all for under $15.

Heck of a deal for anyone looking for a bit of knowledge from an industry pro!


Zbrush Essentials

So the guys over at 3D World put together a fantastic magazine featuring a couple of my tutorials done for 3dTotal.com. It came out a while back, but I just picked up my copy this week. Its 228 pages of Zbrush goodness ranging from beginner to advanced.
It was published over in the UK, but follow the link and get your own!



PapaJohns | Ultimate Cowboys

Unfortunately it has been way too long since I last posted something... but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. So here are two videos that were part of our Cowboys campaign this year.

First... Ultimate Cowboys! A Papa John's/Cowboys commercial with John and Jerry having a little game time on the new Dallas Cowboys jumbo-tron.

Second... The Cowboys like the 'Ultimate' suit so much, that we used it in 'On to Victory'. This was actually produced with several Cowboy's highlights between each shot, but we cut out all that and left the good stuff. Enjoy!


Dallas Mavericks | Mavs Legacy

While I can't say that it's an entirely original idea, I can say that it was alot of fun to do. We put together this little animation for the Dallas Mavericks, based off of the first trailer Disney released for the upcoming Tron sequel.

This was really my first chance to manage a production all the way thru. I did the storyboards, created both bikes, and did all the fx, compositing, and rendering. Both riders were done by Jesse Sandifer, with Justin Wyatt and Nathan Goreham on animation and scene creation. Plus the guys over at Dallas Audio Post hooked us up with a sweet soundtrack.