2012 VFX/Animation Reel

Finally got a chance to finish off my 2012 Demo reel! I couldn't fit everything in, but its got a couple of things from my VFX, commercial, and animation work.... something for everybody!


Ford-JWT | 2011 YearEnd Clearance Touchscreen

Check out the new 'Touchscreen' spots I did for Ford's YearEnd Celebration campaign. 
It was a total of 4 spots, highlighting each of the Edge, Focus, F150, and F150STX. Jump over to my 'Pro Portfolio' section to see the spots, and for an extra bonus... check out the Behind-The-Scenes piece in my 'Personal Portfolio'.


Zynga | Castleville Animation

Zynga's new game Castleville has so many crazy characters, that they thought you should get to know a few! This piece was done to introduce the world to Sonja and George. While the team banded together to crank out 4 different spots, I was in charge of this one throughout most of its production. Characters were done by Jesse Sandifer, while I took care of scene assembly, lighting, animation direction, as well as some rendering and composite.