Ford-JWT | 2011 YearEnd Clearance Touchscreen

Check out the new 'Touchscreen' spots I did for Ford's YearEnd Celebration campaign. 
It was a total of 4 spots, highlighting each of the Edge, Focus, F150, and F150STX. Jump over to my 'Pro Portfolio' section to see the spots, and for an extra bonus... check out the Behind-The-Scenes piece in my 'Personal Portfolio'.


Zynga | Castleville Animation

Zynga's new game Castleville has so many crazy characters, that they thought you should get to know a few! This piece was done to introduce the world to Sonja and George. While the team banded together to crank out 4 different spots, I was in charge of this one throughout most of its production. Characters were done by Jesse Sandifer, while I took care of scene assembly, lighting, animation direction, as well as some rendering and composite.


Certain Affinity | Intro Logo Animation

A logo intro I did for Certain Affinity, a new Austin game-studio. You can see it at the beginning of their latest game Crimson Alliance!


Hasbro | StarWars UltimateFX Lightsabers

A fun piece I worked on for Hasbro's Ultimate FX Lightsabers. While the guys over at 3008 handled the hologram FX and supers, I was responsible for the opening logo animation, column design, set extension/integration, as well as being the FX Supervisor on set. 


Sony Online Ent. | DC Universe Motion Comic

Here's a fun little test I directed for Sony Online Entertainment! 
We were given scans of a couple of comic book panels and told to bring it to life. While I did all of the separation, repaint, and extension of the art... 75% of the animation was 2d and done in After Effects by the motion graphics guys. The final scenes were actually projected art on 3d models and animated in 3dsMax. I then handled the 3d composite and title slide animation in Fusion. Add a little audio by Defacto Sound... and BAM!, you got a fun little project!


Nerf | SuperSoaker

Just in time for summer, Nerf's new SuperSoaker commercials feature a shiny new set of logos as well as some CG water FX during the super slow motion sections.


Boost Mobile | LongFace and TragicFace

When the foam masks failed to show enough emotion... Boost Mobile / Inspire! called on us to replace the entire face with a cg double. You can check out both spots over on my Professional Portfolio section.


Nerf | Stampede Teaser

Nerf went all out on this teaser for their latest creation. After building most of these blasters for previous spots, I handled all of the hologram creation and composite. 
And as a bonus, we did a sweet stereoscopic version.