My Ugly Puppy

These are NOT self portraits :)

Terry ?

Well... his names not supposed to be Terry. Thats just part of the notes written on that page, but thats kinda funny, so I think I'll call him Terry. :)

Another Sketch

Another odd sketch....

Sketch: Tooth and Beak

So heres the sketch I did that birthed the zbrush work...

Zbrush Sketch

So heres alittle 'sketch' I did in zbrush. I kinda like it, so we'll have to see how far I take it before I get bored or distracted and move on. :)

Mavs Playoff Opener

Well they may have not gotten very far... but the Mavericks were in the playoffs this year. And with that comes a new opener.


Transformers... well kind of.

Here she is... my baby :)
Not a real baby, but an animation we did for the Dallas Mavericks. Based on the old Transformers cartoon intro, we turned the Mavericks starting lineup into some pretty cool heros. Though the ideas was part of a studio brainstorming session, I handled the storyboarding and alot of the animation, modeling and effects.



Two Minute Warning Intro

Heres our first game cinematic... "Two Minute Warning".